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Singer CeeLo Green took to Twitter today to make an attempt to define what rape is, shortly after pleading no contest for charges that he slipped a woman ecstasy without her consent in 2012


So date rape isn’t a thing? Roofies aren’t a thing? Oh okay.

ceelo green can go fuck himself i hope he rots in jail forever because of this fucking shit this is ridiculous

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For some reason this is all I get when there’s new activity on one of my blogs…


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no one will ever understand the deep fucking connection I have with this film

For real though

Ok guys I need to talk about this movie.

The Breakfast Club came out in 1985 and to this day is, in my opinion, one of the greatest damn movies ever to barely even have a script.

During the famous “dance” scene, Molly Ringwald, who played the “princess” Claire, was supposed to a small little dance by herself, but she was shy so all of them did some dancing together, creating one of the most famous film scene’s to date. It was improvised.

During the scene in the film where the characters sat down and told why they were there, there was NO SCRIPT. John Hughes told the cast to sit there and improvise why they thought their characters were there, creating that heart wrenching scene everyone could relate to.

EVERYONE can relate to this movie and thats the best damn thing. 

On March 24, 1984, five students entered a detention room thinking it was just another Saturday. Before the day was over, they broke the rules, bared their souls, and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.


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Anonymous asked: What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.

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me: i have no classes with anybody i know
my parents: that's how you make friends!!!
me: no
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when will my life’s bass drop

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Donatella is living the dream

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[inspired by: x & x]

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[bottles up feelings and lets them age for 10 years like a fine wine]

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would you like some cream cheese on your beagle

keep your cream cheese away from my dog

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